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Eagle Hoist & Winch Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of E & K Equipment.  We manufacture and fabricate new replacement parts for Clyde Iron Works winches and manufactures new winch in which all parts and components are interchangable with Clyde Iron Works winches.  In addition, Eagle Hoist & Winch Company manufactures new winches to meet the standards, specifications, and requirements of your particular application. 


E & K Equipment has been reconditioning winches for lifting applications, mooring duty, anchor duty, dredging, and barge positioning applications and hoists for tower erection, building construction, and elevator service as well other applications for more than four decades.

Eagle Hoist & Winch Company was a natural offspring of the equipment reconditioning E & K Equipment has carried out for so many years.  Eagle Hoist & Winch Company was a logical next step in the corporate evolution - the creation of new hoist and winch manufacturing.  We believe our machines are superior to other hoists and winches available today in terms of manufacturing quality, machine design, and overall value.  We are capable of manufacturing systems from basic, fundamental units to highly specialized, technologically advanced systems, depending on your requirements.  We can build systems which are perfectly suited to your application.
Eagle Hoist & Winch Company and E & K Equipment are your one-stop shops for new winches and hoists, reconditioned marine and construction equipment, and replacement parts and components.  We are capable of engineering and manufacturing equipment matched to your specific application.  We are always glad to answer your questions.  The E & K Group offers training and support for all the products we supply and you can count on our eagerness to help your company find solutions to even the most difficult tasks.

Eagle Hoist & Winch Company is dedicated to manufacturing the safest machines possible while providing our customers with systems custom designed to meet the needs of the application.  Safety, competitive prices, carefully engineered machines and dedication to providing the highest quality service combine to make Eagle Hoist & Winch Company the best choice for all your lowering, pulling and lifting needs.  We hope you will let E & K Equipment and Eagle Hoist & Winch Company supply your company with the equipment you need at highly competitive prices.

Provide us with the line-pull your application requires and the line speed you need to achieve, the type of power you prefer, the number of drums necessary for the job, and a description of your application and we will provide a you with a quote for a new Eagle hoist or winch. 


We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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